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Growing Healthful food, We are looking for a new space to farm

I hope you are having a great spring, my family and I are looking for a new place to farm.
We would like to find a land rental or lease with a small home or the ability to have a tiny home on the land. We are planning on starting a family homestead and a small scale farm. Our focuses include permaculture, continuing our studies in sustainability, Gardening Education, Natural living and yoga. We would like to move in Early May (for spring and summer beginnings). Our skills include: Planting, harvesting, orchard care, farmers market experience, farm to table cuisine, small scale gardening and farming, animal husbandry, bees wax candle making, ceramics, fiber and land crafts. We have references and photos of our past gardens. We will also consider a cabin, yurt or other simple efficient home space rental with room for a garden. We will consider partial trade, rent and crop share as possibilities.

With Gratitude,
Farming Family

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Hello, I am new to the forum. I will see if I got some refer I will reply you.

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