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Growing Medicinal Plants at Churchtown Dairy, Hudson, NY

Churchtown Dairy Medicinal Garden Apprentice

A project of the Foundation for Agricultural Integrity, the Churchtown Dairy is a working farm that intends to serve as a beacon for those working to promote regenerative agriculture and sustainable communities.  We support the development of resilient, just and sustainable food systems while raising public awareness of the positive impacts ecological agriculture can have on ecosystems, communities and economies.  We strive to create health by imbuing all our work with beauty--the buildings, the landscape and the economic and social systems within which we work.

As part of our work the Churchtown Dairy has dedicated 2 acres to the growing of Medicinal Plants to bring health and beauty to the landscape of the farm.

For the 2018 growing season (March to November) Churchtown Dairy seeks 2 Medicinal Garden Apprentices to work with the Medicinal Plant Grower. The learning opportunities are many including:

• Plant raising from seed and greenhouse management
• Growing of plants in both a healing garden setting and a row-crop situation
• Harvesting and processing of medicinal plants

Biodynamic methods are employed in our effort to achieve the highest quality crops. The apprenticeship can be associated with the Biodynamic apprenticeship program if desired.

Apprentices are paid an hourly wage and are expected to work a minimum of 40 hours per week. We do not have on-site housing and apprentices will need to secure their own accommodation.

For more information and application, please, contact:
Jean-David Derreumaux Email: jean-david@churchtowndairy.org
Phone : 518 751 6829
Website : http://churchtowndairy.org/

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