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Hirsch Vineyards Seeks Biodynamic Farmer


We are a family owned and operated biodynamically farmed ranch overlooking the Pacific in
western Sonoma County, Ca.
Our vision is to help heal the land by reforestation with biodynamic practices in the existing
vineyards, gardens, bees, fruit and olive trees. In the future we seek to bring in sheep which
formerly grazed here, create a creamery, expand the olive tree plantings with production of
olive oil, and plant grains.
In order to move forward we are looking for a person with hands on farming experience, a deep
commitment to the biodynamic ideas and practices articulated by Steiner and Goethe, and a
wish to join and work with the dedicated folks who presently live and work on the site.
Salary is commensurate with the individual’s background and goals. Housing is available.
We are blessed to live and work on a piece of this earth with unusual energy and beauty; and
we look to welcome a person who shares our commitment to participate in the healing and
renewal of this exceptional site.
 Make and prepare preps and teas
 Gather or cultivate herbs and plants for teas and preps
 Manage the gardens and green houses
 Care for the fruit and olive trees
 Develop new olive plantings and commercial milling of oil
 Care for the existing bee hives; add new ones; provide hives for feral bees
 Be involved in the ongoing planting of redwoods and forestry work
 Oversee compost piles: we use 6-800 yds per year; and are moving toward 100% on site
 Contribute to the vision for the ranch and its manifestation over time
 Introduce livestock
 Plant and harvest grains
Please contact David Hirsch for more details: david@hirschvineyards.com

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