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Northeast SARE Partnership Grants - Due April 23

Grant Overview

Northeast SARE's Partnership Grant program funds projects conducted by researchers, educators and agricultural service providers working in direct partnership with farmers to encourage design and implementation of innovative solutions to current sustainability challenges related to production, marketing and/or household and community well-being in Northeast farming and food systems, or to strengthen working partnerships between farmers and agricultural service providers to advance sustainable agriculture.

Grants may be used for: research to improve production practices, marketing approaches, or farmer, farmworker or community well-being; education and training programs to increase knowledge and improve decision-making about sustainable practices; on-farm or in-market demonstrations of new techniques; and developing new farm management and community development approaches that support sustainable agriculture outcomes.

Northeast SARE funds a broad range of projects; there are no set restrictions on the topics that Partnership Grants may address so long as the projects lead to new information or working relationships that are consistent with our outcome statement and address the program’s review criteria. In the past, Partnership projects have experimented with new crop and production methods, addressed farm management challenges, developed unique machines and tools, explored innovative pest control and grazing strategies, tested new ways of marketing agricultural products, and more. 

Please note that this program requires an explicit connection to the needs, interests and expertise of farmers and farming partners in the Northeast. It is not designed to support educational programs for the non-farming general public, food donation efforts, general public awareness campaigns about agriculture and nutrition, or community and school gardening initiatives.

Partnership Grant Program Changes

Please note that the deadline for Northeast SARE Partnership Grant applications has moved to April 23, 2019.

While smaller, one-year projects are welcome and encouraged, the funding cap for Partnership grant proposals has been increased to $30,000 to better allow for projects that 1) enlist multi-institution or multi-disciplinary collaboration, 2) explore more complex subject matter, or 3) take longer to document results or changes.


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