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Searching for Biodynamic apprentice or graduate to practice on our land - Moab, UT

About us: Location Moab, Utah, Redmoonlodge.com

Moab is home to Arches and Canyonlands National Parks. The LaSal Mountains and the Colorado River. This is an amazing area to enjoy Nature and Recreation. Current largest Industry is Tourism. 

We own and operate an organic Bnb and Retreat on 6 acres, please see our website to learn more about our mission, RedmoonLodge.com . We also have an organic garden (1 acre), 1 hoop green house (20x60) and 2 acre field with water but no crop as yet. A small seed starting green house with warmers etc. We also have 20 chickens (fed with organic feed, garden waste and kitchen compost)

This 6 acre plot has been organically maintained for 4 years. Perennial Flower gardens are abundant around the home. with all season color.

We are not currently "biodynamic" (no time to train and such), but would love to have someone on the premise who practices Biodynamic gardening. 

What we are Offering:

We will offer housing and food for your skills (A $700+/mo value) and would like a commitment of at least 12 hours/week for this trade, a commitment of February 1-Oct 30th. Longer is possible

You may choose to obtain a job elsewhere to supplement your living... or just read down further as we have an unguaranteed income source. 

Your Job will be:

Early Spring- Assess what we have been doing in the past and Plan the growing season, Prepare for known pests and diseases, plant/monitor seeds, Practice Biodynamic changes on existing gardens. Assist in Garden prep

Spring- Plant spring greens, clean up and prepare the Hoop house, Assess Flower gardens and recommend Biodynamic treatments for best health and vitality. Assist us in making a plan for the 2 acre "field" it currently has a lot of weeds. 

Summer- harvest/deliver produce, maintain fertilizing/weeding/pest control etc. Continually use Biodynamic Practices. 

Fall- Prepare/plant for winter crops, clean up gardens etc. 


Flexible start and end dates (Start as Early as October 2017,), But need a committment for March 1, 2018 thru October 30,2018. 


 We have been selling to our local Natural food store in 2017, tomatoes and greens/squash. Currently income is $150 weekly and we are not very good at this. We are interested in someone who could also Manage and grow produce for market in 2018.  You will add part of the proceeds as your income, this to be determined after a master plan is discussed. We are now planting winter greens and that is a potential money maker as well. Basically it is not about the money but about providing a source of local produce to community, honoring the land, and eating well ourselves. 

Please Direct your inquiry and information to Deanna

 at email georgeredmoon@gmail.com

or 435-260-9027

Please send cover letter and resume, a phone interview is possible but traveling here is best option. 

I am on Vacation from November 15-December 15. 

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