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Seeking Social Media Expert for Biodynamic Farm - Southern Ecuador

Sacred Land Farm (https://fincasagrada.com)

Social Media Expert.   In addition, we have a need for a person who has social media skills. We would like to develop our student program and to offer specialized retreats to folks from around the world. This person would help with organizing the retreats and with advertising and organizing the student program.  As this would not be a full-time position, there would be plenty of time to help with the volunteer program and work in the farm and gardens. 
This position require that the person be interested in maintaining and growing our Biodynamic farm, living in community and working with our volunteers. Either job could be expanded to include doing grant writing for reforestation in Chirusco Valley. More important, this is a sacred site identified by the Kogi tribe as extremely important for the revitalization of the sacred sites of the Andes.  Thus they have had us  build a "House of Original Thought" looking just like theirs in the northern mountains of Columbia.  We start every day with a voluntary sun-rise ceremony ("Agni Hotra") in the 'spirit house,' so much of our work includes honoring this sacredness. 

We provide a simple place to live and delicious Biodynamic food, with $100 month for spending money, all that is needed.  We are looking for people who thrive on working forty hours per week.  We suggest interested people come with a three-month visa which could be extended into a volunteer visa.   Sacred Land Farm regularly attracts outstanding Earth stewards from around the world who thrive on the collaborative community practices partner Susan Davis Moora teaches.  These are based on the 40 KINS Innovation Networks for sustainability she has founded over 40 years.  (See KINSinnovation.org,)

For more information please go to our website https://fincasagrada.com or write Walter Moora at WalterMoora@gmail.com.

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