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Seeking volunteers for biodynamic farm - Southern Ecuador

Volunteer positions

Sacred Land Farm in Vilcabamba, Ecuador (https://fincasagrada.com). 

Volunteer on our tropical biodynamic farm in the beautiful mountains of Southern Ecuador.   Our five hectare (12 acre) farm is very diversified with two milk cows, goats, burros, chickens and bees. We have a food forest with bananas, papayas, avocados, mandarins and coffee and grow tropical vegetables such as yucca, camote and white carrots.  We have also succeeded with temperate climate vegetables such as tomatoes, lettuce, broccoli, cabbage, etc. Our aim is to be self-sufficient all year long and we are close to reaching this.

We usually have six volunteers, living in community and sharing all aspects of food-growing, meal- preparation and breaking bread together.  Two of our four partners are indigenous leaders and the other two are Ecuadorian environmental leaders.  The Kogi Tribe of Columbia feels our land is sacred and have come 4 times to do ceremony to reopen the sites.  Finally they asked us to build a House of Original Thought just like theirs and we now do a sunrise ceremony every day in it.

Volunteers work alongside our three partners who include:
- Walter Moora, author of A Farmer's Love, with forty-five years of Biodynamic experience on four continents and specialized talks on Biodynamic farming,  

- Jose Calva, who is also the president of the indigenous Palta tribe, and 

- Cristian Ojeda, who has local farming knowledge and a specialty with his unique herbal Inca garden. 

In addition, Susan Davis Moora gives personalized sessions to help volunteers to manifest their life destiny paths.   Susan has launched 40 successful innovation networks over 40 years in economic empowerment of women, social investing, corporate social responsibility, solar, organics, social venture capital and local living economies.   She is the author of The Trojan Horse of Love, a personal memoire, which is gifted at  http://capitalmissions.com/TrojanHorseOfLove.pdf and has been downloaded 14,400 times.

Most volunteers stay for a month or longer and are expected to work five hours per day with weekends free.  Work includes all aspects of farming and awesome meal preparation as well as regular gatherings exemplifying harmonious living.  We happily provide free room and board.

For more information, please go to our website:  https://fincasagrada.com or write Walter Moora at waltermoora@gmail.com

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