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Sunfield Farm, WA seeks Farm Handy-Person

Farm Handy-Person
Sunfield Farm 2019

The mission of Sunfield Farm & Waldorf School is to provide programs in education and sustainable land stewardship that engage the hands, awaken the mind, and nurture connections between the earth and its inhabitants.

Farm Description: Sunfield Education Association is a threefold organism comprised of a Biodynamic Farm, Waldorf School, and Community Education Programming. The 81 acre Biodynamic Farm is composed of 26 acres of forest, 42 acres of field and pasture, 8 acres of wetland, and 5 acres of Waldorf School Campus. Sunfield is located in Port Hadlock on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State. We care for beef cattle, dairy goats, sheep for fiber, and laying hens. Sunfield cultivates about 5 acres of field in a crop rotation cycle of vegetables, grain, and cover crop. Every year we put up about 800 bales of hay for the animal’s winter feeding. Another important aspect is education. The Waldorf curriculum is heavily integrated with farm and forest activities and rhythms. The students work four days a week on farm during the school’s Agricultural Arts class. There are also several festivals and activities throughout the year that integrate the farm.

Job Description: Sunfield is seeking a capable, motivated, and experienced addition to our team. The applicant will work closely with the Farm Manager communicating continuously about priorities, plans, designs, and problems. The handy-person is expected to plan ,design, and execute tasks related to animal housing, fencing, facilities/equipment maintenance/improvements, animal chores, hay production, and school events.
Full Time: 30- 40 hours/week

Seasonal Position: As soon as possible to the end of October, winter work negotiable.

Schedule: Work days are generally Monday through Friday. With some sharing of animal chores and greenhouse watering on the weekend.

• Act as a handy-person around the farm; repairing, improving and building things as needed
• Maintain Sunfield’s grounds (mowing, fixing potholes, laying gravel)
• Experience with Hay production is highly valued, but not necessary
• Utilize innovation and creativity to improve farm equipment and systems
• Perform manual labor around the farm, harvesting, hoeing, animal chores, etc.
• Communicate with farm manager, and Sunfield staff & faculty

Background and Skills:
• Knowledge and skill in carpentry, plumbing, electrical, mechanical, general handyperson repair
• Ability to problem-solve and think creatively, using resources on-hand and common sense highly valued
• Must be responsible and self-motivated
• Must be capable of handling physically demanding work
• Flexibility to adapt to changing schedules and situations
• Good communication skills

Compensation: Hourly wage based on experience. Housing not included.

To Apply: Send your resume with 2 references and a cover letter to esullivan@sunfieldfarm.org

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