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Temple-Wilton-Community Farm Looking for Cheese Apprentice

Looking for Apprentice to Make and Sell Cheese
Temple-Wilton-Community Farm www.twcfarm.com, a Biodynamic CSA established in 1986, is
looking for a passionate individual interested in apprenticing to make cheese.
The creamery processes approximately 200 gallons of cow’s milk into yoghurt and cheese every
week. We currently make 14 different types of cheese, ranging from soft to extra hard.

Necessary Qualities of a Cheese Apprentice:
● Loves cheese!
● Sincere interest in learning how to make and sell cheese
● Hard working
● Pays attention to detail and order
● Meticulous
● Gives attention to cleanliness and takes joy in cleaning (70% of cheese making is
washing things)
● Always tries to give their best
● Ability to work alone and take on responsibilities
Computer skills are welcome as well as a willingness to do some chores on the farm. A love for
animals is much appreciated.
What you will learn:
● How to make many different kinds of cheese including (but not limited to) Gouda, Alpine
Style, Quark, Blue Cheese, Camembert, Parmesan, Mozzarella, and Feta
● How to make yoghurt
● Cave Management (washing, brining, flipping, and overall age management of cheese)
● Selling cheese

This is a practical training in cheese making. What you learn will depend heavily on what you
wish to learn and are capable of. There is also space to do your own projects, like making/
developing a new cheese.
Besides the many hours dedicated to training as a cheese maker, you will also be provided with
a bedroom in a beautiful house with other workers on the farm, access to all foods produced by
the farm, and a stipend of $500/ month.
If you are interested in making cheese with our small and diverse creamery, please contact our
friendly cheese maker Benjamin at bjonas.meier@gmail.com.

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