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Volunteer in Ecuador this winter on a biodynamic farm

I have been a biodynamic dairy farmer for forty-five years, in New Zealand and England but mainly in the States. Now we live in the beautiful mountains of southern Ecuador where we have developed a Biodynamic homestead outside Vilcabamba, a health epicenter attracting people from all over the world.

We have developed a volunteer program that people love. We help visitors reconnect to the land through working and walking the land, to reconnect to their destiny path and to each other through living in conscious community.  We try to exemplify the Eagle and the Condor flying as one.

Our farm is very diversified and includes two milk cows, goats, burros, chicken, fish and bees.  We have a traditional food forest with avocados, bananas, mandarines, papayas, coffee and traditional foods such as yucca, sweet potatoes and white carrots.  We also grow temperate vegetables and have a green house.   We have excellent housing and kitchen facilities not far from our farm’s river and stream

Our aim is to be self-sufficient and live a lifestyle that leaves room for personal growth. We only ask volunteers to work five hours a day.  Usually, in the mornings we work on the land and the afternoons are free unless you are preparing dinner or locking up the chickens or other light duties.

Walter can give talks on Biodynamic topics, Cristian, our Ecuadorian partner, can teach you all about local and medicinal plants and help you with your Spanish. Susan ties it all up by creating community and coaching you on your life destiny path.

Weekends you are free to stay on the farm or visit the famous Vilcabamba town or hike etc.

We offer all this for free in return for your help in sustaining this place of peace in the world.

We would love to have some volunteers whose passion is biodynamic farming. This would be a great place to recuperate for a month or two over the winter or from the hectic schedule of a student's summer duties.

For more information you can write Walter at waltermoora@gmail.com and go to our website fincasagrada.com.

You can read Susan’s free book, A Trojan Horse of Love, at        http://capitalmissions.com/TrojanHorseOfLove.pdf and/or buy Walter's book A Farmer’s Love on amazon.com

You can also see a video of our farm at  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uHaIJ1F7i68  

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