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Watershed Farm is seeking a Farm Manager - Nova Scotia

Watershed Farm is seeking a Farm Manager(s) to work alongside us as we evolve as a mixed-use farm and as the foundation of a four-month long educational experience for young adults.


An established mixed livestock and vegetable farm, Watershed Farm is located on the South Shore of Nova Scotia, on a drumlin hilltop surrounded by 250 acres of Acadian forest. We presently have 1.5 acres under cultivation as a market garden. The property includes a number of animal shelters, an orchard, root cellars, greenhouses, a tractor shed, winter barn for animals, caterpillar tunnels, irrigation system, a tractor and many hand and power tools, as well as a wind generator and solar panels. We currently have a small laying flock and apiary and we are eager to reestablish our sheep flock.


We are proud of our long history of education and community service through workshops, school field trips, farmers’ markets, restaurant sales and donations of food to local organizations. We incorporate Biodynamic and organic methods and have expanded our perennial crops to include fruits, nuts, asparagus and an extensive array of herbs.


As we look to the future, we are developing a semester-long international residential program for young adults that would begin next growing season with a Pilot Project Year and move into a full launch in 2020. The Watershed Farm Project will promote life skills, entrepreneurship and civic engagement through immersion in all of the practicalities of farm life, as well as community service projects.


The successful applicant(s) for the position of Farm Manager(s) will assume all farming responsibilities for the upcoming growing season including the obligation to provide food for up to 10 participants in the Watershed Farm Pilot Project Year. Basic grounds-keeping work and general upkeep will also be expected.


The Farm Manager(s) will need to be comfortable instructing and supervising participants as they learn how to care for plants and animals during their residency. Additionally, the market garden has the potential to provide produce far in excess of the needs of the Watershed Farm Project. The

Farm Manager(s) will be expected to grow for local farmer’s markets and restaurants to supplement the salary they will be offered.


The position will begin in February 2019 with seed ordering and garden planning. While the first year would be a discrete contract, ideally we are looking for a candidate who is open to establishing a long-term relationship with Watershed Farm and the educational project we are

developing. A farming couple or family would be most welcome.


Applicants should be in sound physical condition. Commitment to organic farming is a necessity

and experience in Biodynamic methods would be an advantage. Practical knowledge of the use of farm tools including tillers, irrigation systems, tractors and mowers would be required

Salary will be commensurate with experience. On-site housing is negotiable.


Applicants can send an email enquiry to info@watershedfarm.org

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