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Western SARE Funding for Graduate Students: Research & Education Project

Apply for $25,000:

Research and Education Project

The Graduate Student projects address issues in sustainable agriculture of current and potential importance to the western region. They include both a research and outreach component. 

These grants provide a maximum of $25,000 and may last for up to two years.Those eligible to apply are masters or Ph.D. students enrolled full time at accredited colleges or universities in the Western region.

An applicant is eligible for only one grant during his or her graduate program.

Proposals are due January 9, 2019. Proposals are reviewed by a technical review panel and the Western SARE Administrative Council selects proposals for funding in April. Award notifications are made in April to May.

Other Grants

Descriptions of other grants offered can be found on Western SARE's website

Grants available include:

Successful Grad Student Projects

Download grad student program reports: 

Impact of Graduate Students in Sustainable Agriculture Grants (Western Region)

Investing in the Next Generation of Agricultural Scientists(projects from around the nation)

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