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Zinniker Family Farm WI - seeking farm partner

This small scale, diversified 165 ac farm, located in SE Wisconsin has never been treated with any pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Instead, the stewardship of the land and soil, using biodynamics, Holistic grazing management and other sustainable and regenerative methods to increase fertility and the health of the land, animals and people, is the center of all farming decisions.

The farm has been certified organic for the past 16 years, raising beef, pork, eggs, honey, hay and grain for feed. The majority of feed is produced on the farm. All products are sold directly to a well established network of customers.

There is collaboration with surrounding farmers as well as local research institutions.

We are looking for a person with a passion for farming with animals and growing good, healthy food for local communities using regenerative farming methods, with an open mind for biodynamic practices, an interest in learning and taking on operations as a business partner or co-owner to move this farm into the future. You would start as an employee and grow into the business. Some farming experience preferred, but not required.

An interest in establishing your own, new farm enterprise is welcomed and encouraged.

Please send your resume, including 2-3 references to zinnikers@zinnikerfarm.com

Mark and Petra Zinniker
N7399 Bowers Rd
Elkhorn, WI 53121

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