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Center for Biography and Social Art - New sessions added to stay connected while socially distanced
We continue our How Are You...Really? sessions to meet one another.
And we have added Themes Arising to deepen our work together.
Let's stay connected while socially distanced!

How Are You...Really?

Would you welcome a chance to share your responses – concerns, activities, sadness, or moments of resilience – to the multiple challenges that Covid-19 is bringing to our lives?

 The Center for Biography and Social Art  is offering small group conversations on Zoom, facilitated by biography workers.  You will be guided through simple biography exercises for personal reflection. As we speak out of our own experiences and listen carefully to others, we can practice building strength and support in these challenging times.


Session One - Details & Registration
Sessions Two & Three - Details & Registration


"I felt heard and I learned to listen"

"A gift to find my creative self"

"I deepened my understanding of these times"

"I felt so much better after the session.  I also love the surprises in the questions. When I don’t know what’s coming next, amazing and surprising things come to me that cause me to let go and embrace at the same time. All the biography roads lead to going deeper into myself and the other participants.  There’s some kind of oscillation that goes on between oneself and the other selves and that leads to more aliveness, release of what doesn’t serve me, presence and connection".


After attending session one from How Are You...Really?, please join us for a series of three sessions to further explore
Themes Arising! 

Themes Arising


We will meet for two hours for three sessions with each theme. 
Prerequisite - Session One (See Above)

Bringing Heart Home...

Tending The Hearth - Three Sessions- Details & Registration

Going Forward With Trust..

Deepening Courage - Three Sessions- Details & Registration

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