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Corona Virus: What Does It Mean for the Biodynamic Movement? (By The Biodynamic Federation - Demeter International)

From March 19 newsletter from The Biodynamic Federation - Demeter International

The main focus of Biodynamic Agriculture is to strengthen life forces in all of its elements. We aim to do this by integrating the parts of the farm to support self-sufficiency, resilience and harmony, giving them vital connections to one another and to their environment as well as to the cosmos. The food from this agriculture can help to strengthen life forces in us as well.

Although of course we need to take the necessary precautions for not spreading the virus, we also need to not be terrified. Fear and anxiety can weaken our resistance in general. Georg Soldner from the Medical section of the Goetheanum has written an article with some sensible advice - please click here

He raises the question of the relationship between the increased number of novel viruses that frequently come from the animal kingdom and the relationship between humans and animals in the world as it is.  “This raises not only the microbiological question of the origin of the virus, but also the moral question of how to deal with the animal world." That moral question is of course a core concern of the biodynamic movement, in which we want to give animals, both wild and domesticated, the respect and dignity that they deserve.

Wishing you health, light and vitality.

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