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Open for business: farmers markets taking precautions to keep you safe - CFRA

From the Center for Rural Affairs:

Rural farmers markets play an important social and cultural role in addition to helping connect food providers and consumers. This spring, we’ve had the chance to talk one on one with dozens of market managers across the state of Nebraska. Our goal has been to gather insight that will help drive the content and format of upcoming trainings and a toolkit we are helping put together for rural market managers.

Together with our local partners, we’re modifying Northeast Iowa RC&D’s toolkit, which can be found at northeastiowarcd.org/toolkit/. While some of the information in these toolkits is state-specific, by and large the information provided is relevant regardless of what state you call home.

Read more here: https://www.cfra.org/news/200710/open-business-farmers-markets-taking-precautions-keep-you-safe

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