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Upcoming webinars webinars by the Physicians' Association for Anthroposophic Medicine

In light of the unfolding corona virus pandemic, we would like to make you aware of  upcoming webinars being offered by the Physicians' Association for Anthroposophic Medicine and the North American Anthroposophic Nursing Association.

Thursday, March 26th 
8:30pm EST/7:30pm CST/6:30pm MST/5:30pm PST via Zoom
Anthroposophic Medical Treatments for Fever, Flu and Pneumonia: A prescribers’ guide to supporting patients
limited to MD, DO, ND, NP, PA, Pharm, DDS and students of these disciplines
This webinar discussion will provide an overview of supports for working through high fever, flu and pneumonia. We will review basic treatments, recent recommendations from the Medical Section on treating pneumonia, and advice from European colleagues working with pneumonia in the intensive care unit, with time to share personal experiences and insights. The goal is to provide you with a clinical tool box of remedies for the coming weeks and months. Larger themes of infectious disease, communicability and the difference between viruses and bacterial infections will be explored in the four-part study series based on Husemann/Wolff’s chapter on “Infectious Disease” beginning April 8th (see description below).
This webinar requires registration; it is free for PAAM members; a donation is requested from non-members to support the medical training work. Click here to register.

Thursday, April 2nd
8:30pm EST/7:30pm CST/6:30pm MST/5:30pm PST via Zoom
Nursing Support and External Applications for Fever and Chest Congestion: Natural treatments you can do at home
Presented by the North American Anthroposophic Nurses Association (NAANA)
open to the public and all who are interested
A practical teaching webinar sharing uses, needed materials and application methods for a lemon leg wrap, foot bath treatment, chamomile inhalation and ginger chest compress. There are not enough Anthroposophic nurses and doctors to meet the coming need, so we hope to share these treatments with a broad community of individuals capable of efficiently providing supportive home care for family members and loved ones.
This webinar requires registration; donations are requested and appreciated to support the Anthroposophic Nursing work. Click here to register.

Sadly, the Annual Training Week (IPMT), hosted by PAAM, and the Foundation Course in Anthroposophic Nursing, hosted by NAANA, have recently been cancelled due to safety and health concerns and travel restrictions related to the corona virus. 

It feels very important that we still move forward and so we are working hard to make large portions of the IPMT teaching and experience available online. It is our hope that those who were planning on attending the training week will still be able to participate in this adapted way of learning, and we also hope that others who may not have been able to commit to the training week are now better able to access the IPMT training from the comfort of their own home. Details are still being worked out, but some of the specifics of how we will continue to work in community - a community which will now include pharmacy teaching from Switzerland, teaching about the seven metals from Sweden, as well as discussion groups and eurythmy that will reach across the North American continent -  are listed below. Please stay tuned for more announcements coming soon.

Wednesdays, April 8, 15, 22, 29
8:30pm EST/7:30pm CST/6:30pm MST/5:30pm PST via Zoom
Therapeutic Eurythmy to Support Resilience and Immunity:
An IPMT-online offering with Glenda Monasch TE
open to licensed prescribers, nurses, therapeutic eurythmists, massage therapists and students of these disciplines
These 60-minute sessions will provide demonstration, practice and discussion of foundational eurythmy exercises to help us navigate this challenging time. This course is part of the IPMT-online offerings. Registration is required. Tuition for the four sessions is $100. Click here to register.

Wednesdays, April 8, 15, 22, 29 via Zoom
Anthroposophic Medical Approaches to Infectious Diseases:
An IPMT-online offering

for licensed prescribers (MD, DO, ND, NP, PA, Pharm, DDS and students of these disciplines)
There will be two options for each session - choose the time that works best for your schedule:

  • 7:15pm-8:15pm EST/6:15pm-7:15pm CST/5:15pm-6:15pm MST/4:15pm-5:15pm PST (probably best for those in the Eastern half of the US, just before the eurythmy)
  • 9:45pm-10:45pm EST/8:45pm-9:45pm CST/7:45pm-8:45pm MST/6:45pm-7:45pm PST (probably best for those in the Western half of the US, just after the eurythmy)

This course will be a four-part study and discussion of the chapter in Husemann/Wolff, Volume Three, on “Infectious Diseases”. The sessions will be divided up between four themes, and will be guided and moderated by IPMT faculty members. Topics include:

  • The Concept of Infection and Understanding Bacteria (April 8)
  • Infection as an Ecological Problem & the Question of Communicability (April 15)
  • Viruses, perhaps with additional readings from Steiner on this topic (April 22)
  • Therapy and Prophylaxis of Infectious Disease (April 29)

Registration is required. Tuition is $100 for the four sessions. Click here to register.

Questions? Please write to us at paamdrscourse@anthroposophy.org.

Do you know someone who would be interested in these training opportunities?
Forward to a friend by clicking here.

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