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biodynamic and homeopathic applications to cure diseased trees (and plants)


Are there members in the forum who are involved with or have experience with the above?

Frank Buddingh'

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biodynamic and homeopathic applications to cure diseased trees (

I have had a lot of success with the nettle tea application.  It saved two peach trees from being destroyed by aphids, saved my greens from leaf miner, and brings back a plant that is stressed.  I can't immagine gardening without it.  Whenever I have a distessed plant, I spray it with nettle tea.  This last time I added it to the silica spray and I have added it to BC and sprayed it.

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Homeopathy in the garden

Yes! Have been using homeopathic remedies in the home & garden and the results have been remarkable.   As an aside, I've been studying homeopathy since 2013 so it makes total sense that hp principles can be applied to plants as well as humans and animals.    There is a homeopathic remedy for just about every ailment.    It is healing at its best.

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