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I'm still here!

I just want to say hello to all the people I have met via the BDA, and who may be wondering whatever happened to me!  Well,I am still here, working all day long trying to turn ;my land into a real farm.   I quit using the internet when a truck snagged my internet line, which dragged along a ditch line, and pulled it a thousand feet down the road.  It will cost me $1500 to pay to have the line put high up on the poles, and to buy a new computer.  Living on a farm, it is hard to get internet way out a lonely road, but I keep trying.  I have lost three computers to lightning or power surges before I realized it was a bad transformer.  I now have new power lines, a new transformer, but no computer.  Meanwhile, I just work, and it is very hard, but I love farm work.  I planted rye, clovers and other pasture grasses all winter long, and I am about to mow it the first time. Then I willl be running fence to hold  perhaps a half dozen hair sheep, sheep kept for mowing, not meat.  (My neighbors have sheep, and say they do a great job helping create new pasture)  The past week, I have been cutting saplings with a reciprocating saw, all day long.  I discovered a big wild patch of Foxglove growing around my pond.  And that is the kind of thing that keeps me going.  I have never seen such beautiful wildflowers -- they look just like the tame Foxglove.  I am now transplanting tame Foxglove and cornflowers to the pond .  Soon, I hope to get company (sheep!), but would love to hear what other people are doing to get their farms started.  606-821-9081

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