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Partners or interns sought for Meadowlark Hearth Biodynamic Seed Initiative - NE

Hello from Beth and Nathan Corymb @ www.meadowlarkhearth.org and our educational work www.living environment foundationne.org

Meadowlark Hearth Biodynamic Seed Initiative is looking for the next generation to take on our work: We have been growing seed for over 40 years.  

If interested read this post and respond to meadowlarkhearth@gmail.com.

We grow about 80 percent on our farm of the varieties we sell which spans all 9 vegetable families in temperate climates about 10 percent coming from Europe and 10 percent from other US Biodynamic farms.  Many of our varieties originally sourced from Biodynamic Europe where expert vegetable growers breed for taste as well as from Raphael Gardens where some varieties were sourced from Japan.  We strive to continue the careful selection, isolation and population for our select seed which we sell online as well as 10 other midsize seed companies including all the varied biennials which we love to grow for example cabbage, onions, carrots,(no wild queen anne's to cross with carrots!) We hand/foot thresh our seed. Nathan offers expertise in small tray cleaning of seed. Our partner Tim Wood, who is a wizard with figuring out has made a manual for our seed cleaning machines! 

Germ tests are done here on the farm.  Nathan trained in seed germ testing in the 90's at the National Seed Storage lab.

Fertility for MH seed is derived from cover cropping and our 50 cow dual purpose grass fed/grass finished micro dairy/beef herd.  Our seed offering is trialed yearly and observed through our vegetable growing for our CSA both for how it does in varied climatological conditions from year to year.   

Nathan and I are in our latter 60's.  This farm is four generations in our family.  Our goal for our 500 broken treaty farm (Most all farms are on broken treaty land) is for a group of young people ie 25-50 years old to take on this Biodynamic farm in western Nebraska to continue as a demonstration farm exhibiting Biodynamic seed growing arising out of a whole farm beginning in 2021 season. It probably would take about 3 years to hand it on.  Covenants are with the deeds of the land to continue Biodynamic/organic farming in the future. Ask for them if you are interested to see the covenants. 

Nathan trained at the Sativa and Bingenheim Biodynamic Seed companies in Switzerland 1991-1993. We began Turtle Tree Biodynamic Seed Initiative in 1994 gave our sole proprietorship called Turtle Tree to Camphill Village in 1998, managed it until 2010 when we took on our family farm in western Nebraska.  We are life time members of the seed savers exchange.

We are actively making simple videos of seed growing, seed processing, seed selection that will be offered eventually on our websites hopefully by 2021.  

For 2021, any young person who would be interested in coming to partner or intern with Meadowlark Hearth please email us your resumes here at meadowlarkhearth@gmail.com any time now. Our 2 current partners Matt and Tim having been here for 2 and 3 years are also great teachers.  They will be leaving to pursue their future dreams toward the end of 2021.  (Anyone interested to begin this autumn to thresh, clean, test and package seed is encouraged to contact us immediately!)

We encourage our partners and our interns to form community and live at the farm.

We are willing to consult with anyone who has questions about their seed growing.  

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