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Raw Milk Grass Fed Dairy Apprenticeship - Kimberton, PA

Kimberton Hills Dairy is a certified organic, pasture-based dairy embedded in an intentional community with people of differing abilities. We are now accepting applications for Dairy apprentices, positions which integrate hands-on practical training with a solid theoretical study of Biodynamic Agriculture. Camphill Village Kimberton Hills is a 432-acre farming and craft community that includes adults with developmental disabilities, of which the Dairy manages 210 acres. We direct market most of our products in the local community.

Agricultural experience is helpful but not necessary; apprentices should be mobile on their feet and interested in a challenging but rewarding experience. Apprentices who have completed the Biodynamic Association’s Farmer Foundation Year can participate in the second year program with us; details can be found on the Biodynamic Association’s website. We are also a mentor farm through PASA's Dairy Grazing Apprentice Program.

The Dairy manages a pastured milking herd and young stock -- in total around 90 cattle. We also have a flock of laying hens. We grow forage and bedding crops for the animals. In addition to our grass fed dairy we have a 300 member vegetable CSA, orchard, apiary, woodlands, wood fired bakery, coffee shop, craft workshops and 17 life-sharing households. Our community has a very lively, participatory cultural life.

Under guidance from our mentor farmers, Jessica White and Tommy Trzcinski, apprentices learn to perform many key tasks on our dairy, beginning with milking and animal care, maintenance of fences, pastures, buildings and equipment, bottling and sales of milk and eggs and other products. Gradually, they learn to do tractor work to manage field crops and learn to manage other aspects of a dairy, such as acquiring supplies, dealing with special animal health needs, finances, etc.

Apprentices live in a village house and share life with people of varying abilities. Members of the community, including apprentices, are full-time volunteers who receive support for living expenses such as room and board, free access to village vehicles, and a monthly stipend. They will receive health coverage after 3 months. They will have 2-3 morning milkings per week and may be asked to help in the house they live in. They have one full day per week off, not necessarily on the weekend, and 21 days of vacation per year.

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