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Seeking part-time work-trade


I am ‘casting my net’ in case there is a good fit out there! Please reach out if you would like more information, or to discuss further. 

I can offer:

  • Research/Writing: currently work remotely as a consultant to the natural products industry, creating documents related to safety/toxicology, regulatory, and research; ~4 yrs 
  • Farming experience: year-round, bio-intensive with hoophouses; ~7 yrs
  • Integrative medicine: graduate degrees in nutrition and clinical herbalism; ~7 yrs
  • Non-profit: school gardening, cooking, nutrition, youth development, low-income, education; ~7 yrs
  • Other: beekeeping, making herbal products, preserving food, grant-writing, living/traveling abroad; varies

I am looking for:

  • Private lodging with wi-fi; part-time work-exchange
  • Long-term arrangement
  • Located in the west, or southwest regions; mild winters
  • Access to nature, although I do like smaller cities

I am interested in:

  • Establishing a daily meditation/bodywork; trained in Vipassana meditation
  • Expanding my writing services to include grant-writing

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