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Sunfield Farm Internship! Port Hadlock, WA

Sunfield Biodynamic Farm and Waldorf School, Port Hadlock WA, is currently taking internship applications!

Timeline: April – November, but contact us regardless to see if we need help!

Meals: Interns have free access to the fruits, vegetables, milk, and eggs from the farm.

Skills Desired: We only require a desire to learn and work hard. Enthusiasm is greatly appreciated. Applicants must be physically able and healthy.

Internship Details: Interns will be involved in all aspects of the farm. This includes propagation of vegetable starts, transplanting, weeding, and harvesting vegetable crops. Planting and tending orchards, hedgerows, berries are a large part of the learning experience. Animal husbandry is a major aspect of the internship, which includes managing cattle, goats, sheep, and chickens. Alongside these farm responsibilities, we also host educational programs and community festivals on our land.

Educational Opportunities: Education is a primary focus at Sunfield Farm, and we are committed to providing a holistic balance of education and work experience for all interns. Once a week we will have “class time” to explore Biodynamic theory, soil science, biological mimicry, local farm field trips, etc.. Please come with an openness to Biodynamic Agriculture.

Stipend: No stipend at this time.

Work Schedule: Interns work 4 days a week, and spend an additional half day focused on education. We share simple animal chores on off days as well.

Housing: Multiple rustic trailers and tiny homes are available for interns on the farm. Intern kitchen space available. Shower and laundry available in the farm house.

Email: Ezra Sullivan at esullivan@sunfieldfarm.org


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