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  Seeking a Biodynamic farmer/teacher, intern director and shareholders in our community - Finca Sagrada, Ecuador


We are a small Biodynamic farm community in the mountains of Southern Ecuador. Fifteen years ago we moved here from the States and found ourselves keepers of an ancient sacred site. Living in Ecuador has been a unique and inspiring experience for us. We have thrived, with a year long growing season that is neither too hot or cold, great neighbors and life is affordable. Our neighboring village of Vilcabamba, has an inspiring and innovative expat community.


The present owners Susan and Walter need to retire and the land has been placed in an LLC. This will allow a smooth transition to community governance and ownership.  During the last fifteen years we have created great relationships with our neighbors, the land has been visited and blessed by the Kogi mamos and we have a strong connection with several US organizations.


Our farm mission statement is.


Finca Sagrada exemplifies a farm-based, multicultural learning center where people can reconnect to self, community and nature through heartfelt thinking.



We are offering several positions.


Biodynamic farmer and educator


This person should.

·       Be experienced and knowledgeable in Biodynamic farming.

·       Enjoy all aspects of a diversified farm, including milking, vegetables and fruit trees.

·       Enjoy small scale. We have no tractor. Apart from a chainsaw and weed wacker we do everything by hand.

·       Enjoy teaching.  We have had a thriving volunteer program. We will expand that into an internship program and biodynamic workshops. As the community grows we will create a retreat/learning center on the land.

·       Enjoy community decision making and involvement.

·       Be willing to co-manage with our Ecuadorian/indigenous partners.

·       Be excited about stewarding a sacred site.

·       Speak some Spanish or be willing to learn Spanish.


Intern program and workshop director.


We are upgrading our facilities and expanding. We are seeking someone who enjoys interacting and directing a small group of interns, usually six or eight. Interns can be of all ages and abilities. This person would arrange meals, accommodations, transport and setting the standards for community living. A love for farm life, community living and  Spanish speaking skills would be important. This position is flexible as there would be time to garden, pursue hobbies, teach and direct or help with social media.


Program and development director.


This person should have good communication and computer skills. They would lead our fundraising program and as we develop manage the retreat/learning center.


Community Membership.


We are seeking two or three couples or individuals who resonate with the idea of helping to steward this sacred site. We are offering land leases where shareholders can build their own houses and become community members. We are transferring the land from private ownership into an S.A.S. (similar to a LLC in the States) which will be co-owned and managed by its shareholders.


For a quick explanation of what we are creating at Finca Sagrada please go to




For a full description please go to our website page https://finca-sagrada.com/community-opportunities/


For more information please contact Walter Moora at waltermoora@gmail.com

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