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BD farmer mentor and/or permanent farm couple sought

A 37 acre Biodynamic homestead in Wilton, NH needs an experienced Biodynamic grower(s) to mentor a young couple and perhaps eventually take over the permanent care of the farm.  This is the farm of Alice Groh and her late husband Trauger Groh, some of the pioneers of the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) movement.  Trauger was a German Biodynamic farmer who did advisory work in the United States and Canada and before moving to America in 1985, worked extensively with Biodynamic farmers in Germany and helped to found the four year intensive training program for young farmers in north Germany that continues to thrive today.  Alice was a member of the Board of the BDA for several years.  Our Groh Farm was originally part of the Temple-Wilton Community Farm, one of the pioneering CSA farms in N. America.  The Community Farm continues to grow and thrive, about a 7 minute drive from here.  We have on-going connections with the Community Farm, including a BD farmer study group during the winter months.

 Alice is in her late 60's and is a willing conversation partner for all things Biodynamic and all topics from the work of Rudolf Steiner (Waldorf Education, general Anthroposophy and social themes in particular.)  An older farmer, Steve, has been here for the last 6 years, originally as part of my husband's care team.  He is mid-60's, is not particularly interested in either of the two above-named topics but is good with building and machine maintenance, basic animal care, haying and vegetable production, especially in the greenhouse.  This year he will be wintering in Florida from November to next May.  The young couple living and working here at the moment know something of organic gardening and food processing but could use an active Biodynamic mentor.  I am helpful on the conversational level but am a bit beyond getting out there to do the physical work with them.  It remains to be seen if this couple will stay with the farm on a long term basis or not.For the potential farmers: if we feel we can work together then this becomes a place that you can shape and sculpt as you wish.  To be financially viable, it would very much help if one of the couple had an off the farm income.  An interest in the activities in the Garden Room (based on Anthroposophy and Biodynamics) is probably the most reasonable fit and an interest in helping to evolve an eventual Biodynamic on-farm training program would be a plus. HOUSING is available in a 10 year old, 3 bedroom post and beam farmhouse, separate from Alice's home.  Steve and his dogs live in the basement apartment of this farmhouse during the growing season and the young couple have a bedroom in the main part of the house.  Alice can and will help make the taking over of this place possible, given the right folks.  I am open to all reasonable conversations in this direction.  groh.alice@gmail.com is the best way to contact me.

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