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Camphill Village Minnesota Seeks Head Farmer

We are a 500 acre biodynamic farm in the glacial moraine of central Minnesota, with a herd of 16 beef brood cattle, a finishing herd, and 3 dairy cows, which are rotationally grazed. Half of our acreage is forest, wetlands, river, and prairie, and the other half is pastured and farmed. We are looking for a farmer to work biodynamically to foster the relationship between humanity and the beings of nature while growing food that nourishes our animals and us.  Camphill is an anthroposophical intentional community of 40 people of diverse abilities and disabilities.  We also have a 2 acre vegetable garden which produces food for summer and winter, an orchard, herb garden, a harvest processing kitchen, bakery, and weavery.

Please visit our website for a more comprehensive picture:  camphillmn.org.

We are looking for a skilled, experienced biodynamic farmer, but are also able and willing to mentor someone into the position.  


-All aspects of cow herd management:  grazing, health care, winter feeding

-Maintenance of tractors and all implements and equipment

-Field cultivation, planting, haymaking 

-Maintenance of fences

-Making compost with use of biodynamic compost preparations 

-Extensive spraying of horn manure (BD500) and horn silica (BD501)

-Coworking with a morning crew of 2-4 people of diverse abilities/disabilities 

-Milking:  done once a day, and schedule is shared out with others 

-Interest and participation in community life


-Housing:  ideally we would like someone who would lifeshare with others in our community.


-Health care

-Vehicle access, including fuel and car insurance 

-Three weeks paid vacation

-Needs based financial support such as student loan payments, support of children

-Monthly personal spending money

-Retirement contribution after committed investment in community

-All of the many blessings of community life and anthroposophical striving with others

We welcome a single person, couple, or farming family.

If you would like more information and conversation, please contact:

Angela Michieli


(480) 427-9807

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