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Farming and lifestyle opportunities in Ecuador
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Finca Sagrada, a Biodynamic farm in the mountains of southern Ecuador is inviting individuals to visit who are looking for a holistic life-style on a farm-based community.

We are Walter and Susan Davis Moora from the States, who moved to Ecuador in 2007 and were invited to buy a farm in an isolated valley with a river and stream as the boundaries. Our intuition said yes and we have been living joyfully here for 9 years. Most of the 273 hectares is a mountain but along the river front there are five hectares of rolling pastures, food forests and gardens, not to mention a House of Original Thought, a story we tell later. We experience eternal spring-like weather but we do have a dry and a wet season. During the worst of the Covid virus lockdown, we were a community of eighteen, including indigenous and foreigners. Our population does fluctuate as we have a very active volunteer program.

We are both in our seventies and want to become less actively involved in the future development of the farm. Walter has been a successful biodynamic dairy farmer on four continents. Susan has developed 40 innovation networks over forty years in social investing, financial empowerment of women, local living economies, consciousness, micro-enterprise in Nigeria, local- foreign collaboration in Ecuador and more. (See KINSinnovtion.org.)

Through some serendipitous synchronicities, the Kogi mamos of northern Columbia have visited our farm four times to reactivate this sacred valley. They also invited us to build a House of Original Thought to help strengthen a new spiritual grid for Earth.

We have created a non-profit to manage the farm and our mission statement is

Finca Sagrada exemplifies a farm-based, multi-cultural learning center where people can reconnect to self, community and nature through heartfelt thinking.

From this, you can see that we are more than just a farm. Much of our work revolves around stewarding the land to support the House of Original Thought. We have visitors from all walks of life and we hold workshops, while being in the process of developing a college student program.

With the world experiencing such turmoil now, Finca Sagrada is an excellent place for conscious folks to create a global model for people living in right relationship to Earth.

We are looking for people who already have some skills and resources. We can support the farm at a modest level for some time but our aim is for the farm to become self-supporting in the long run. Luckily Ecuador is very affordable, as the climate allows for simple construction and the growing season is all year long.

These are some of the skills that we are looking for.

  • Biodynamic gardeners and farmers. They would have the knowledge and desire to organize and run a student program.

  • Possibly an herb and medicinal plant grower

  • Those with computer and social media skills to organize and

    run conferences and student programs.

  • A desire to work together in community.

  • If there are families involved, home schooling would be


  • Members should have an interest in indigenous values and a

    willingness to speak or learn Spanish.

We have created a powerful foundation for new initiatives to arise. If you or a group of friends are looking for a sustainable future in a safe beautiful location, please get in touch.

If interested, we suggest that you can come as a volunteer for a while and see if this farm is for you.

Our website finca-sagrada.com has lots of information about our programs and a great twelve-minute video.

Walter has written a book called “A Farmers’s Love” which is available on Amazon. He is now leading a new initiative in our whole watershed with major environmental breakthroughs.

Susan has written a free book about her life and her 40 KINS

Innovation Networks which has been downloaded 16,600 times.

See it at


She is now manifesting a global KINS network of leaders in fields of consciousness who aim to change Earth from greed to good.

Please contact Walter Moora at waltermoora@gmail.com or Susan at cmdavis2@gmail.com

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