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Farming Opportunity at Hertha - Denmark

You will be responsible for the cultivation and development of the Hertha’s biodynamic farm - that functions as a protected workshop for adults with developmental disabilities.

The farm workshop is a part of the larger collective of workshops in Hertha. The land is approximately 30 hectares and has 9 dairy cows. The Creamery processes the milk which is then sold locally in Hertha and to 6-8 external customers in shops and other institutions. We expect that you will have the necessary competence, background, experience and knowledge relevant to being able to collaborate with other workshop leaders, including a close working relationship with your colleague in the Creamery. At the same time you will be expected to develop the agriculture in Hertha. There is also a clear task of guiding the pedagogical objectives with our participants in the workshop (4-7 individuals) and creating a safe yet appropriately challenging work area for everyone.

A practicum student from BINGN will also be assigned to both the garden and the farm. You can expect to have cross training with the current farmer for a period of time. As it’s important to get to know the residents and see how their day to day life is, and to meet the other coworkers, you will also be a part of helping out in the residences (for example waking an individual and helping with the morning routine).

Review PDF's below for more information.

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