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Lokelani 'Ohana Farm is seeking a Biodynamic Farm Manager - Maui, Hawaii

Minimum Time Commitment: 12 months, beginning now
Lokelani 'Ohana is seeking a Biodynamic-trained person or couple that is passionate about joining the pioneer work of a new
Camphill-inspired initiative on Maui. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit creating educational, therapeutic, and housing programs
for our community here on Maui, including friends with disabilities. The Farm Manager job is a contracted position; therefore,
we hire you as an independent contractor not an employee. The Farm Team is here to support your training as you become
acquainted with our Lokelani ‘Ohana farm. Study of Rudolph Steiner's work is available through Adult Waldorf Education and
Lokelani ‘Ohana community educational director if you are interested.

Main Responsibilities Include:
• Ability to access the farm as a living being and tune into its nature
• Develop a comprehensive self-sustaining farm plan that covers food production, enhanced food products, and
therapeutic workshops
• Interview and train co-workers and/or wwoofers in farm work
• Use direct, open, and honest communication with others generating a harmonious happy farm
• Manage weekly farm meeting, including assessment of farm needs, delegation of farm work, and purchasing of farm
• Implement and oversee BD practices such as planning work by the calendar, compost building, preparation
application, maintaining soil health & fertility, pest management, and the maintenance of farm records
• Manage growing of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers, collecting seeds to replant and sell
• Oversee harvesting, washing, and boxing of produce to go to market or for individuals (possible CSA)
• Maintain an organized work environment, keeping track of all tools and farm equipment
• Maintenance of irrigation system. Our water comes from the river, then ditch. We have filters and a water tank,
automated stations for the beds, and manual water for the bananas
• General farm maintenance, including removal of invasive species
• Networking with our community, Hawaii Farmers Union and other farmers and organizations!
• Working with bees and chickens are welcomed

Required Skills and Knowledge
Lokelani Ohana is seeking a mature, organized individual or couple with good social and communication skills who can
manage both people and the land. Previous training in biodynamic farming practices is essential, but we are also open to and
appreciate other techniques you can teach us. This position is managerial, but it still entails doing the work yourself, so be
prepared to get down and dirty! Must have some experience in using and maintaining farm equipment such as weed whackers,
lawn mowers, chain saws, etc. Previous experience with solar panels and irrigation systems is preferred, as we hope to install
pumps with automated timers in the near future. Must be physically, emotionally, and mentally healthy. We are looking for
loving people with patience, flexibility, a sense of humor, stamina, and openness. We are a drug, alcohol and tobacco free zone
(alcohol for special occasions is ok).

Basic Living Needs
Private room, utilities, basic staples provided with a monthly stipend of $600. This can increase with generating more
productivity. Additional income can be generated through classes and there should be time to offer your consultation work to
others. The farm kitchen and bathroom are communal. Work is 5 days a week (and with weekend irrigation needs to be
attended, if needed) , but as farmers know, nature and life are both unpredictable. The farm may need you during off-hours and
we want to have mutual flexibility with your needs. You must have your own insurance. There is a community clinic and
health insurance on Maui covered by Ohana insurance, if you qualify. Unpaid vacation time is available with two weeks’

Contact person: Christina Chang

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