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Casey Timmins
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Looking For a Farmer to Purchase Inputs for our Root & Mushroom Based Coffees

Are you feeling that Biodynamic products are not getting into enough mouths? Do you want another stable market to increase profit so you can continue taking care of the land?

I founded Casey's Creations to re-bond people to the plants and soil that sustain us. The best way to do that is via our addiction to coffee. Your New Healthy Addictions are Root & Mushroom based coffees. We have added Dandelion, Chicory, Burdock plus Chaga & Lion's Mane extracts to ground people. 

We want to increase the relationship between Soil, Plants, and People furthe. Therefor, we are looking for a Biodynamic Farmer to grow our Dandelion, Chicory, and Burdock roots.

Our company is growing fast, but we are keeping a steady pace to keep integrity. We want to have a relationship with a farmer that is recipricol and works for the betterment of both parties, rather than primariliy filling our demand despite the needs of the chain. Our first question would be what do you need to help us? Then decide how we can help you make it happen. We have connections to fund the process.

Please respond here, or email me, or bet yet give me a call.

My name is Casey Timmins


(516) 427-2016


Based in Floral Park, Long Island, NY


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