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Regenerative Farm Seeking Farmer - Rescue, CA

We are building a 130-acre regenerative farm in Rescue, California. The farm will be a place of beauty and inspiration in El Dorado County. We are looking for a Farmer to lead the execution of our vision to transform barren land to a beautiful, plentiful, diverse and sustainable ranch that nourishes people and animals.


The Farm Manager will create a farm that provides the local community with nutrient-dense food and meaningful work. The farm is to sustain a rich, biodiverse environment for plants, farm and wild animals, birds, insects and pollinators. It educates and builds a community of people that are passionate about food, animals, health, sustainability, biodiversity and natural beauty.


Primary Responsibilities (including, but not necessarily limited to):

lead the initial development of the farm infrastructure

develop products and markets

establish and manage rotational grazing of cows, goats, sheep and chicken

manage of multiple cropping systems

develop a network of customers, helpers and various partners



Farmer has ideally held the same role on a farm with sustainable practices. Candidates that have worked on an organic farm and are feel that they are ready to take on the lead role will be considered. Farmer must live within 45 minutes of the farm initially and eventually on or next to the farm. Housing assistance is available. 


Inquire to:   requestinfotoday00@gmail.com

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