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Seeking farm manager with potential for transition to farm ownership

Orchard Farm Organics, 1052 Cherry Hill Road, Princeton NJ , is seeking a farmer dedicated to biodynamic agriculture for the 2021-22 season.The farm has been certified organic by the NJ Department of Agriculture for over 20 years and is seeking Demeter certification.

The farm consists of 61 acres that wrap around the 20 acre Waldorf School of Princeton campus.About 5 acres are dedicated to 14 “fields” of permanent raised beds used for rotated vegetable, herb and flower growing with companion planting. There are blueberry and raspberry patches, and a small orchard of peach and apple trees. A 30'x72’ greenhouse is used for starting alliums in beds, and veggies, flowers and herbs in flats of blocked potting soil made with our compost. In summer we grow micro greens, trellis tomatoes or curcurbitae. In the fall and winter, we grow hardy veggies, mostly brassicas. Two flocks of chickens provide eggs for a 20 member egg co-op with weekly pick up. Extra eggs are offered to the community. A substantial herb garden has been developed with a small business in dried herbs and teas. The cut flower garden provides bouquets to members and local markets. Dried flowers are used to create fall and winter bouquets and to adorn holiday wreaths made from farm fetched greens. Beyond the growing fields is a fenced in 24 acre field that presently accommodates 8 goats and 4 cows. Two other fields of approximately 5 acres each are kept mowed for future use. There is a hope that the candidate could develop a herd with a possible meat and micro dairy endeavor. Woodland and riparian areas provide abundant resources for wildlife, walking trails and potential campsites. 

A main season CSA with approximately 60 members runs 25 weeks from the last week of May to the first week of November. There is potential for the development of winter and early spring CSAs and additional markets at the farm. For 20 years the farm has supplied produce to a local market 2.5 miles away. There are other open air markets the area where one could sell goods. The Whole Earth Center, in Princeton, has received produce from the farm over the years.

The farm store, in a converted three car garage, is a welcoming place for community members and  for egg co-op and CSA pick up. Within the store is a certified organic kitchen where “added value products” such as baked goods, pestos, sauces and jams are made. Adjacent to the Waldorf School, the farm welcomes young students for frequent visits. Youth and community members come and volunteer and learn, through experience, sustainable practices. 

There is a proposal for the founding of a “Farm School” which could take a simple form at the beginning but could develop into a well established entity that would enrich the community and offer unique opportunities. The present owners are dedicated to the development of a Waldorf High School and would be open to its presence on a portion of the sizable land.

We are currently working with the Waldorf School and a non-profit organization, The Hearth Center, to explore mutually beneficial interface.

The candidate should be able to:

  • work with a team, guide volunteers, manage a CSA and markets and embrace potential developments of the land
  • use the model of no till practices and bio intensive methods with minimal use of motorized equipment
  • maintain farm equipment such as tractor, DR brush cutter, weed whacker, and riding mower, chain saw and other needed equipment
  • embrace biodynamics and community participation

The position could take different forms according to the candidate that comes forth.

The present owners live in the large farmhouse with three boarders each with private living quarters. The large kitchen is shared by all members the household. The farmer could find housing within the farmhouse which would be suitable for an individual or a couple and eventually a small family. There is a buildable lot on the property which eventually could be developed into a farmhouse or community center.

The salary would be discussed on an individual basis with the candidate that comes forth.Please contact Caroline Phinney at info@orchardfarmorganics.org or call or text 609-203-7134

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