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Seeking Full-Time Biodynamic Gardener

Seeking a Pioneering Biodynamic Gardener 

Inner Fire is a proactive residential healing community supporting individuals wrestling with debilitating or traumatic life challenges which typically lead to mental (soul) health or addictive challenges who want to avoid the mind altering, psychotropic medications in the first place, carefully taper to a level which works for them, or who seek support having tapered off the benzodiazepines and are still reeling from the withdrawal symptoms. We are not anti medications but rather believe in the power of choice.

Embedded in the beautiful nature of Brookline, VT, on 45 acres of both wooded and open land our multifaceted program offers holistic healing through artistic therapies, counseling, gardening and forestry, cooking and a healthy diet, a supportive social environment and more. www.innerfire.us 

At this time we have hens and are beginning to clear a wood to create more open land for milking goats and pigs. This is a wonderful opportunity for an experienced creative, resilient person with enthusiasm and initiative! 


  • Trained and experienced specifically in Biodynamic gardening and agrictulture and use of the preparations

  • Compassionate, grounded, self-motivated and courageous with a good sense of humor!

  • Passion and experience in accompanying and guiding Seekers (residents) striving for deep and comprehensive healing. 

  • A team player

  • 28 years or older or possess a maturity developed from experience in biodynamic gardening and working with people with mind / soul challenges

  • Advantage: Experienced herbalist, with experience in making tinctures and ointments

Role Description / Responsibilities: The will-based activity and grounding experience of working in the gardens is vital to the Seekers’ healing journey while also supplying our kitchen with produce. We are looking for a mature, experienced individual who will carry the overall well being of the open and wooded land.

  • Manage the greenhouse and beds

  • Create new beds and develop an orchard

  • Support the guiding of Seekers as they develop their relationship to the earth. There will be additional support for this teaching and guiding of the Seekers, some of who are quite independent.

  • Able and willing to take on additional tasks in the community, including forestry in the off season. 

Schedule: Full time Position of 40 hours a week Monday through Friday 8 am to 4 pm.


  • $20/hr

  • Paid time off for full time (40+ hours) positions begins after two full months of work.

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