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Temple-Wilton Community Farm Assistantships

Temple-Wilton Community Farm is one of the first and oldest continually operating Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farms in the country. After 33 years we are in a renewed phase of developing consciousness around what it means to grow and eat food together as a community. Under the general principle of cultivating awareness of the needs of the land, the planet, and each other, we strive to meet those needs as directly and efficiently as possible so as to make a straight path for a perpetual agri-culture. Learn more about us here.

We are currently seeking full-time assistants to support our community farming efforts:

  • Vegetable farming from April to the end of October 2019.

  • Dairy and Cheese making through March of 2020.

Working in more than one area of the farm is possible, as well as staying on into the next season.

Although previous experience is important, enthusiasm for farming, an ability to work with others, and strength in body and mind are a must. We gladly share all that we know about growing vegetables, working with cows and laying hens, and making cheese. We are especially interested in developing the sensitivities needed to farm holistically with the earth and our fellow human beings.

Farm assistant positions are 5 1/2 days per week and start at $1000 per month for a two month trial period with an increase up to $1750 depending on ability, need, and responsibilities. The positions also include workers compensation, access to all farm-produced foods and a private room in our farm house. 

If you are interested in working in the vegetables and/or dairy, please contact Jacob Sherwood at jaholubeck@gmail.com, or call him at 603-831-1213.

If you are interested in making cheese with our small and diverse creamery, please contact our friendly cheese maker Benjamin at bjonas.meier@gmail.com

Vegetables and Dairy:

The Temple-Wilton Community Farm is a year-round CSA with about 130 acres of pasture, hay fields, vegetable fields and woods, which we culture to provide over 100 households with vegetables, milk, eggs and meat.

We cultivate more than 7 acres to grow over 40 different vegetables and herbs, focusing on storage crops, regular use of the Biodynamic preparations and calendar, as well as making our own potting mix and compost.

We care for and milk up to eighteen cows and their offspring. Our farm also keeps a flock of layer chickens. The cows and chickens follow a rotational grazing program on our fields throughout the growing season when we also cut all of our own hay for them to eat in the winter months.

Cheese Making:Abbot Hill Creamery offers a practical training in cheese making. What you learn will depend mostly on what you wish to learn and are capable of. There is also space to do your own projects, such as making or developing a new cheese.

Necessary Qualities:

  • Loves cheese!

  • Sincere interest in learning how to make and sell cheese

  • Hard working

  • Pays meticulous attention to detail and order

  • Gives attention to cleanliness and takes joy in cleaning (70% of cheese making is washing things)

  • Always tries to give their best

  • Ability to work alone and take on responsibilities

  • Computer skills are welcome as well as a willingness to do some chores on the farm. A love for animals is much appreciated.

What you will learn:

  • How to make many different kinds of cheese including (but not limited to) Gouda, Alpine Style, Quark, Blue Cheese, Camembert, Parmesan, Mozzarella, and Feta

  • How to make yogurt

  • Cave Management (washing, brining, flipping, and overall age management of cheese)

  • Selling cheese 


Temple-Wilton Community Farm is registered as a 'Mentor Farm' with the Biodynamic Association's apprenticeship program.

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