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Youth Education and Sustainable Agriculture Coordinator at Round the Bend Farm
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Youth Education / Sustainable Agriculture Coordinator with RTB

A Service Member at Round the Bend Farm will be serving in a blended capacity, with 50% of time in a Youth Education role, and 50% of their time in a Sustainable Agriculture role. 

Youth Education Coordinators (YEC)/ Sustainable Agriculture Coordinators (SAC) build the long-term capacity of their Service Site by engaging youth in service learning, experiential education, and inquiry-based science and nature learning projects. YEC/SACs may engage neighborhood and civic associations, community members, youth groups, and schools to improve access to, and support the long-term resiliency and sustainable use of community lands. YEC/SACs may create raised beds or community gardens, monitor and maintain farmland, establish sustainable food systems, develop curriculum and programming, run youth trainings, lead community workshops, etc. By engaging youth in activities that support the hands-on stewardship of community lands, they reinforce the connection between people, nature, and community and foster an inclusive land stewardship ethic in future generations.

TerraCorps Members engage with their supervisors to develop and carry out three or more capacity building projects over the course of the service year. Some of these projects will involve recruiting, training, and/or managing community volunteers. Round the Bend Farm has proposed the following potential projects for their Youth Education/ Sustainable Agriculture Coordinator:

  • The YEC/SAC Member will support our education programs on the farm and in the wider community. This includes collaborating with teachers, students, and RTB staff to plan and implement experiential farm-based field trips, educational workshops, tours, presentations and other forms of community outreach.
  • The Member will also have the opportunity to support RTB’s food systems. This includes collaborating with our Garden Manager in the operation of RTB’s market-garden scale crop production. We are growing a diversified range of primarily vegetables, fruits, nuts, edible perennials and medicinal herbs, on roughly 2 acres of land, in order to feed and heal our community, source events and occasionally sell to the public. Cooking and on-site food processing and preservation is also a crucial part of our food systems.
  • We hope to increase our online presence and develop open source curriculum /materials to support people in these uncertain times. The YEC/SAC member could assist in developing these resources such as film projects, visual aids, outreach materials, and marketing support. As well as brainstorm new creative solutions that help address this need.

Development of these and other projects will occur during the first two months of service and consider the member’s interests and skills.

Desired Qualifications

  • Strong writing and verbal communication skills
  • Able to serve both independently and as a member of a team
  • Comfort navigating computer software programs including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Google Docs. Skills in photography, film making, editing, and social media applications are not required but would be valuable
  • Training and experience pertinent to the Youth Education/Sustainable Agriculture Coordinator position and projects listed above
  • Experience training and educating community members and volunteers
  • Experience in organic growing and a general love of dirt
  • Strong work ethic and ability to complete tasks in a timely manner
  • Desire and ability to integrate into the community at the farm, open mindedness and high self-awareness are crucial

For questions about Round The Bend Farm’s service position, contact: Nate Sander;  Education Manager nate@roundthebendfarm.org

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