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Farming Opportunity for couple/family/farmer in New Mexico

Hello! We are looking for a person/people to further the creation of an organic hyrdroponic/biodynamic/permaculture farm. Ideally, you are enthusiastic, kind, articulate, dependable, creative, organized, self-motivated and resourceful people (person) who will enjoy homesteading and growing a market farm together.  Our home and budding farm is Thunder Mountain Farm, nestled off the grid, in the mountains between Santa Fe & Albuquerque  N.M.

Currently we have 2 homes on 5 acres, 2 12x50 greenhouses, 320 sq. ft. of soil beds, an off-site location with the capacity for growing 32 trays of microgreens at a time, along with a ton (200 towers) of hydroponic equipment made to mimic the Zipfarm equipment.

Our want is to further develop our soil farming and combine that with the Zipfarming.  We also want to add a bunch more offerings, such as chickens/poultry/eggs, fruit and nut trees, medicinal and culinary herbs, culinary mushrooms, and products made from the raw items. We are open to your ideas and suggestions for other ways in which we may grow the farm.

We can offer an off-grid solar powered home for living space.  We are looking for someone to manage and operate the farm and farmer's market stands.

Conscious water conservation is essential.

In addition to the farming venture, we have a healing arts practice in Albuquerque, offering Network Chiropractic, Core Synchronism, and BEMER Vascular Therapy.

We have thoughts on how this can work and are looking for a person, family, or couple to partner with us on the farming venture.

Carpentry/Construction/Building skills a PLUS!!

We look forward to hearing from you.  Please email us at: gardenerkerry@gmail.com

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