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Lifetime Lease Available to Biodynamic Farmer-Educator - Washington

The owners of S&S Homestead Farm on Lopez Island, established in 1970, are donating their 22-acre Biodynamic farm to Lopez Island Farm Trust (LIFT) as soon as they can find a qualified successor to assume the role of farmer-educator. 

Successful candidates would have completed an apprenticeship in Biodynamic farming and have minimally five years of farming experience.

They would see themselves as land stewards, putting building natural and social capital before extracting financial capital from the land. 

They would work with the Lopez Island School to continue the farm-to-school programs established by the current owners over a generation ago. These programs involve collaboration with faculty of Lopez Island Public Schools to teach classes in vocational training in farming, eco-literacy and skills in sustainable living, and experiential science study to K-12th grade students.

After completion of a 2-year trial period, successful candidates would be offered a lifetime lease of the farm from LIFT. 

The farmer-educator would earn a living by selling farm produce to Lopez Island Schools at levels to be established. Sales of such products would be subsidized (at 50% of cost) by a perpetual grant administered by LIFT. Additional enterprises are available on the farm. 

For information about S&S Homestead Farm and its programs, see www.sshomestead.org, or call 360-468-3335 (ask for Henning or Elizabeth).

Letters of inquiry should be addressed to S&S Homestead Farm (henning@sshomestead.org.)

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