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Interest Groups and Learning Communities

Biodynamic Association online groups offer a platform to connect with other members of the biodynamic community to discuss questions of interest and share resources. To join an existing group, please click "Request group membership" next to the group you want to join.

Members of the Biodynamic Association may also initiate new groups. Apply to start a new group here. [coming soon]

If you have any questions about groups, please email

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Biodynamic Educators Collaborative

The Biodynamic Educators Collaborative is a coming together of peers, a way to collaborate and share, identify and nurture best practices, and encourage a deepening and cross-fertilization of philosophy, principles and practices among biodynamic educators.

Thea 1 year 6 months ago Request group membership
Biodynamic Organic Group Test

A group to demonstrate the power, ease of use, and flexibility of the Organic Groups sytem for Drupal.


Zachary 1 year 10 months ago Request group membership
Bridging Biodynamic Agriculture and Anthroposophic Medicine

Farmers, health practitioners and others with a strong foundation in biodynamics or anthroposophic medicine are invited to explore the connections between these two fields. We are working with questions such as: What are the key overlaps or areas of activity bridging biodynamic agriculture and...

Zachary 1 month 3 weeks ago Request group membership
Farm-Based Educators Inspired by Anthroposophy

Farm-Based Educators Inspired by Anthroposophy (FBEIBA) describes a vocation of people who are:

  • Involved in education of children, youth, or adults (but not professional farmer training),
  • Utilizing a farm, garden or some type of food production,
  • ...
Thea 1 month 3 days ago Request group membership