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Urban Farming & Gardening

An online community for gardeners and farmers from urban and suburban areas to share successes, challenges and questions -- agricultural, cultural, social, and economic -- related to growing food in these contexts.

Erin Schneider 4 years 1 month ago Subscribe to group
NABDAP Mentor Farmer Community

A meeting place to share strivings, struggles, triumphs, questions, and more regarding working as mentors and farmers, especially in the context of NABDAP.

kaitlin@biodyna... 2 years 4 months ago Subscribe to group
NABDAP Apprentice Community

An online community for NABDAP apprentices to connect and share successes, challenges, and questions. 

Erin Schneider 4 years 1 month ago Subscribe to group
Foundation Year Mentors 18-19 Anthony Mecca 12 months 4 days ago Subscribe to group
Farm-Based Educators Inspired by Anthroposophy

People who are involved in education of children, youth, or adults (but not professional farmer training); utilizing a farm, garden or some type of food production; and inspired by Waldorf Education, Biodynamic Agriculture, or Rudolf Steinter's Anthroposophy.

Erin Schneider 4 years 3 months ago Subscribe to group
Biodynamic Educators Collaborative

The Biodynamic Educators Collaborative is a coming together of peers, a way to collaborate and share, identify and nurture best practices, and encourage a deepening and cross-fertilization of philosophy, principles and practices among biodynamic educators.

Thea Maria Carlson 5 years 9 months ago Subscribe to group