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Friendly Haven Rise Farm

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friendly haven rise farm At Friendly Haven Rise we have an earnest daily relationship with the elementals. We work with our animals closely, especially the honey bees who have communicated tremendous knowledge to us. Much respect and care go into the wildness of our farm.

We are an educational farm with classes that include the spiritual life of honey bees and an equine bodywork career program. Highlights in 2013 include Sacred Beekeeping (5 days in August) and our annual heirloom apple festival (mid-fall). We offer ongoing farm classes to the public through the year. We are expecting new calves in June. These cows will join our "community herd," a project we started in our neighborhood to share pastures and let the cows be in a larger herd. We experiment with cheese and fermentation projects and enjoy cooking.
We’ve been using biodynamic methods since 2005, more each year. We apply BD sprays faithfully. Our farm runs as a three way relationship with counsel taken from each of us and the Farm. When we have questions about what direction to go in, we ask: “What is best for the marriage? What is best for the farm?” Maintaining a harmonic energetic on the farm is of paramount importance to our work here. We don’t know everything about biodynamics but what we do know, we use well.

Size of farm: 18 acres

Diversity of produce and livestock: Beef and dairy cows, dairy goats, layers and broilers, sometimes turkeys, many honey bees. A dozen kinds of apples, grapes, berries, other fruit, vegetable garden and building two hoop-houses this year. We grow and bale our own hay and always have a construction project going.

Skills that can be learned: See Friendly Haven Rise's Skills Checklists. 

Apprenticeship details: We seek interns who are energetically sensitive, have a high degree of emotional maturity and embody immense kindness. Interns participate in our farm classes (not the extended equine career program). We hope they learn how to be in heartfelt communication with the elementals, the gardens and the animals. We expect them to be intelligent self-starters with initiative. We will help them design a project here on our farm that requires observation skills, knowledge of the land’s abilities and wise use of our facilities and tools.

Apprentices share use of our teaching cottage that has a kitchen and bath in it. Sleeping arrangements include a good-size tent and comfortable real beds. Work schedule is 8 hours a day 5-6 days a week (6 during planting or processing times). Compensation includes educational classes, food and lodging. Apprentices are expected to spend an additional 2-4 hours a day reading and studying biodynamics books, videos and audio that we make available. Through participation in this program we intend our apprentices learn practical biodynamic methods and also become more mature in their thinking and being.

Mentor Farmers: Jacqueline and Joseph Freeman

Address: 20309 NE 242nd Ave, Battle Ground, WA 98604

Phone: (360) 687-8384

Email: friendlyhaven@gmail