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Midheaven Farms is a diversified biodynamic farm (since 1974.)  Beef cows and their calves graze from late May until November on native prairie and cool season grass pastures. Hay and small grains are raised and harvested. Formerly a 100-member CSA garden, we are phasing into U-pick and farmer's market sales.

An on-farm, FDA-inspected facility makes and markets Secret Garden soup, entrée and seasoning mixes.

Size of farm: 400 acres

Diversity of production: Hay, oats, barley for winter feed for animals. Vegetables and raspberries. Beef cows, calves and steers, along with a home flock of laying hens.

Skills that can be learned: We have acquired skills that include time management, making and application of biodynamic preparations, operating haying equipment, making and using compost, crop rotations, prescribed burning of prairie pastures and forestland, general maintenance of farm equipment, soil tillage, the planting, cultivation, harvest and storage of crops, and harmonizing the gardens with the total farm organism in a financially and environmentally responsible way.

Dewane runs the farm. Anne raises the vegetables and berries, supervises on-farm and farmers market sales.

Mentor Farmers: Anne and Dewane Morgan
Address: 11059 County 14 Park Rapids, MN 56470
Phone: 218 732-1093 (home) 218 366-1296 (cell)  Email: