Biodynamics is the only method of caring for the land, plants and animals that aims to raise the vitality of soil, healing and enlivening the earth even as we draw from  it for our sustenance.
The Pfeiffer Center's One-Year Part-Time Practical Training in Biodynamics uses classroom sessions and hands-on workshops to provide a thorough grounding in every aspect of biodynamics, from its underlying principles to techniques in the field. 

Thirteen full-day workshops from September to June cover it all: Compost and soil building, farm animal husbandry, care of fruit trees, seed saving, weed and pest control, bees, and much more.

Principal instructor Mac Mead, director of the Pfeiffer Center, has farmed and gardened biodynamically for more than 35 years. Expert guest faculty include Hugh Williams (orchard management and seed saving), Steffen Schneider (farm animal husbandry), Craig Holdrege (Goethean observation), and Sherry Wildfeuer (working with the rhythms of nature).