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Gardening/Beekeeping Internship: The Pfeiffer Center, 260 Hungry Hollow Rd, Chestnut Ridge, New York USA

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Gardening/Beekeeping Internship: The Pfeiffer Center, 260 Hungry Hollow Rd, Chestnut Ridge, New York USA

Pfeiffer Center Offers Gardening/Beekeeping Internship

The Pfeiffer Center was founded in 1996 to develop and promote a healthy approach to caring for the land through biodynamic agriculture and is co-sponsored by the Threefold Educational Foundation and Sunbridge College. The Center garden is at the heart of everything we do. Started in September 1996, this oasis of mixed vegetables, flowers and herbs began to show the benefits of biodynamic treatment in its first year of operation. Dye plants, fruit trees, berries and a small apiary round out the picture.

Internship at the Pfeiffer Center is a full-time program that combines academic work with hands-on experience in the Center gardens and apiary. The student is expected to spend forty to fifty hours in a five-and-a-half day week divided between class time and garden work.

Interns attend all courses and workshops of the Pfeiffer Center and some classes in conjunction with Sunbridge College students. The weekly seminar on Rudolf Steiner's Agriculture and monthly day-long sessions in the introductory course "Training in Biodynamics" anchor the academic work. A strong emphasis is placed on learning and deepening biodynamic principles and techniques. Biodynamic gardening, organic beekeeping and gardening with school classes are important focal points of the work at the Center.

Internship at the Pfeiffer Center provides a significant amount of instruction in both classroom and individual settings, unlike most farm apprenticeships that are more physically demanding and provide little or no academic background. The student will improve basic skills and learn advanced techniques in the garden, greenhouse and apiary. Some gardening experience and familiarity with biodynamics is helpful but not necessary. The main qualification is a willingness to work and openness to new ideas. The Pfeiffer Center will cooperate with colleges and universities offering credit for internship programs or work on special projects.

Internships normally last a year and start in late winter. Different starting dates are available subject to availability. A limited number of Summer Internships are available under different conditions.

Qualified interns are provided with a dormitory room in Holder House, a forty-room student dormitory on the campus of Sunbridge College. No stipend is provided, but part-time work on campus is available to qualified students. For more information call (845) 352-5020, ext 20; fax (845) 352-5071; e-mail:; website: