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Obed River Homestead, Lancing, Tennessee USA

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Obed River Homestead, Lancing, Tennessee USA

East Tennessee Agro-Forestry Project Seeks Interns

Obed River Homestead is a new farm in the green hills of East Tennessee, in the town of Lancing. We are starting an agro-forestry operation on eighty-one acres of land which is currently second-growth native forest. Our ultimate goal is to combine crop trees, livestock, and native forest, under a system with elements of permaculture, organic and biodynamic practices. Our hilltop looks out across the beautiful valley of the Obed River, which is home to the National Park of the same name. We are minutes drive from this and other parklands, and there are many opportunities for outdoor recreation, especially boating and climbing. We are seeking to include community elements in our project, so long-term participation is possible.

Volunteer and Internship positions are available. Work to be done includes fencing, clearing land, construction, animal care and gardening.

Volunteers are welcome and will receive meals and a place to camp. Interns must apply and will receive $100/week, plus a bonus of $360 for each three months completed. Work-week is five days. Three days will be spent on fencing, two days on miscellaneous tasks.

If volunteers or interns have special skills, there is a possibility for them to work on related projects. Interns are encouraged to have their own projects, which they work on their own time, for example their own bed in the garden, an experimental shelter, ...?

For more information, visit, or contact Dominique Hawn at or (423) 319-6626. (5/11/06)