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Cook's Garden, 989 North Clayton Road, New Lebanon, Ohio USA

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Cook's Garden, 989 North Clayton Road, New Lebanon, Ohio USA

Ohio Produce and Flower Farm Seeks Intern for 2007

Cook's Garden is a small operation with one acre in produce, cut flowers and U-pick strawberries. We grow bedding plants for sale in May. We also keep bees and sell extracted honey. Most of our produce and cut flowers we sell at a farmers' market in Dayton, and we do have a significant door trade. We specialize in very early tomatoes and lettuce every week from mid-May to mid-October. We also grow a variety of other produce to make our booth colorful and varied. In flowers, we specialize in large mixed "country" bouquets – some ready-made and some made-to-order at the market. Though no longer certified organic, we use no commercial fertilizers or sprays.

Internship runs from April 1 through September. We are looking for one intern or a stable couple. Ideal applicants would be folks who have decided to be market gardeners and wish to actually do it for a season before starting off on their own.

Intern(s) are needed from the beginning of April through September, to work with us and learn all aspects of the business (about forty hours per week, or a combined forty hours per week for a couple). We will pay $100 per week; we will also provide housing in a small, self-contained, well-appointed cottage on the property, with free produce from our garden.

Our farm is small. We have the bare minimum of equipment, but have developed tools and techniques that enable us to do very well. A typical summer work week includes garden maintenance, planting of weekly succession crops, harvesting produce and flowers, making up flower bunches, and setting up and selling at farmers' market. Sundays and Mondays are always free!

Characteristics that we feel are necessary to succeed in this line of work include: enjoy working hard outside in all types of weather, good physical health, driver's license, good sense of humor, genuine warmth for people, ability to prioritize, and above all enthusiasm and integrity. We are located one mile north of New Lebanon, a small town of 5000 population, 13 miles west of downtown Dayton, Ohio.

An on-site interview is required, along with the completed application form with references and permission for us to run a background check. If interested, please contact Zella and Stephen Cook, Cook's Garden, 989 North Clayton Road, New Lebanon, OH, 45345; (937) 687-3753; 10/17/06