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Dapala Farm, Elk, Washington, USA (Eastern Washington State)

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Dapala Farm, Elk, Washington, USA (Eastern Washington State)

Washington Farm Offers Advanced Internship for Farm Partnership

Are you planning to make organic farming your career and lifestyle, and are thinking about acquiring a farm from which to make a living? Here's an opportunity to acquire all the farming infrastructure you will need along with the aid of knowledgeable farmers to help you succeed. Join Earth and Sky Organics and become our Farm Partner to bring this small-scale organic farm into greater production in CSA and farm-stand produce sales.

We created and operated an educational center (access info at where we taught our homesteading knowledge and skills we accumulated since the 1970s. During the past twelve years we also built up the soil in several of our fields via sheet composting, and mastered growing methods adapted to our seasonal demands. We utilize permanent raised beds and non-mechanized intensive and succession planting techniques to achieve high yields. We built fifty-plus raised bed and have begun work on more than one hundred more. Our soil is prime for growing the finest organic produce for CSA and farm-stand sales, but we are nearing retirement age. We seek a younger individual or couple to partner with us toward these goals.

The season here begins April 1 and ends mid-October. We guarantee you a stipend of $1000 a month during this season until such time that a fifty percent share of the CSA subscriptions plus farm-stand receipts equates to a greater amount per month. We provide seed, tools, greenhouse space and all farming infrastructure necessary (can provide photo files upon request).

The position requires patience, teamwork, cooperative and communication skills with farm partners and public. You will need to receive instructions gracefully, master tasks, and perform them efficiently and to high standards. Must be self-motivated and physically strong and have basic carpentry skills for raised beds and cold frame cover construction. Non-smoker only. Having your own transportation is a must. Private quarters provided, you cook your own meals.

Please send us your résumé giving previous work experience and references. Include a description of yourself and your interests, skills, and aspirations to the Farm Partner position. A recent photo of yourself and any additional pertinent information would be helpful in evaluating your application. Contact Daniel and Patti, Elk, WA 99009; e-mail:; website: 10/15/06