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bio-dynamic fruit breeding

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bio-dynamic fruit breeding

Subject: State of the art of bio-dynamic fruit breeding activities

To Whom It May Concern

Assigned by the “European Group of Bio-dynamic Fruit Growers” and in accord with the head of the section for agriculture at the Goetheanum, Mister Nicolai Fuchs, Poma Culta is attempting to get in contact with people and initiatives operating in the field of bio-dynamic fruit breeding (selecting for new cultivars). It is our goal to get more information about the state of the art of bio-dynamic fruit breeding all over the word. Therewith we are planning to interface a worldwide network for biodynamic fruit breeders, so they get a chance to easily compare notes and exchange opinions.

Due to today’s situation, meaning the imminence of transgenic cultivars, it is highly needed making progress in bio-dynamic breeding. Whilst there are some initiatives in the field of vegetables and cereals doing excellent work, there is still a lot to be done in the fruit section. Therefore it would be very desirable if this domain would advance too.
May I ask you to pass this information to people interested in bio-dynamic fruit breeding as well as to bio-dynamic fruit growers. I would highly appreciate it, if you feedback me more addresses.

Many thank you for your cooperation.

With best regards

Niklaus Bolliger

Poma Culta is a non-profit association for bio-dynamic fruit growing and breeding
Poma Culta
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