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Seeking farmer/couple for C..S.A. and whole farm manager position on Lopez Island, WA.

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Seeking farmer/couple for C..S.A. and whole farm manager position on Lopez Island, WA.

S&S Center for Sustainable Agriculture and Homestead Farm (S.S.C.S.A.) on Lopez Island, WA is seeking young farmers, couple preferred, to manage and expand an existing 45-member biodynamic C.S.A., for a 3-5 year commitment to begin in 2008, with potential for a permanent partnership with the resident farmers. Chosen applicants will also train to manage the holistic farm system of which the C.S.A. is a part (
The farm currently includes three enterprises: S&S Homestead which produces beef, dairy, pork, lamb, eggs, fruit, grain, and vegetables to supply the needs of the farm household and for sale to the local community; Lopez Community Farm C.S.A. which produces vegetables on a subscription basis; and S&S Center for Sustainable Agriculture, which offers educational programs, public school classes in ecological food production, workshops in biodynamics, farm tours for college classes and other groups, and lectures.
As a biodynamic farm, S.S.C.S.A. is managed as an integrated system that seeks to minimize purchased inputs and maximize solar energies harvested through plants and animals. Self-sufficiency in supplying soil fertility and animal feeds is an important farm goal. Biodiversity is prioritized to accomplish soil, plant, animal and human health.
The 50-acre farm (15 owned, 35 leased) is located on Lopez Island in the San Juan Archipelago in Northwest Washington. The C.S.A. has market potential to expand to 100 members. The farm is an official demonstration site for Washington State University, and an integral part of Lopez Island’s cutting edge farm-to-cafeteria and school garden programs. Opportunities for working with public school youth on the farm are boundless, strongly supported by the community, and may support additional income. Lopez Island encourages young farmers’ building a strong local food system, food security, and agricultural education.
Chosen applicants will presumably reside on the farm starting in fall of 2007 to train during the end of the current CSA season. Compensation for 2007 will include room and board, and for 2008 will depend on updated CSA business plan.
Additional farm enterprises designed and implemented by the chosen applicants may offer additional income. Potential expansion of educational programs might include off-island presentations, guided farm tours, and additional workshops. Interest in writing publishable articles concerning education and farm production is desired.
On-farm housing available for up to two years. Potential for long term housing to own in the community. Successful candidates will have at least 2 years experience in growing row crops and in CSA management. Whole farm management experience preferred. Machine skills and maintenance, animal husbandry, bookkeeping, marketing, teaching experience, skill in developing comprehensive farm plans, excellent communication skills, college degree in relevant field, or equivalent, desired.
Interested applicants are asked to send resume and a letter of interest to Henning Sehmsdorf at; tel. (360)-468-3335; 2143, Lopez Sound Road, Lopez Island, WA 98261 no later than the end of August 2007.
Seeking young farmer/couple to manage C.S.A. and train for whole farm management in San Juan Islands at S and S Homestead Farm and Center for Sustaining Agriculture