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Daloz Farm CSA Interns Wanted - Hancock, NH

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Daloz Farm CSA Interns Wanted - Hancock, NH

Daloz 80-member CSA seeks farming interns for March through November 2008!

Farming interns work with the CSA manager on all aspects of the certified organic farming operation including seed starting, care of seedlings, transplanting, field prep, weeding, irrigation, harvest, and coordination of the two CSA pickup days.

The purpose of the internship program is to give new and aspiring farmers a clear understanding of the daily life of a New Hampshire CSA during the growing season. The work ranges from invigorating and life changing, to physically challenging and tedious depending on the attitude of the intern. At Daloz CSA we are committed to educating ourselves and others on the value of local farms and building the skills necessary to nurture the earth while producing a substantial quantity of fresh whole foods for our community. We also place high value on the people that work on our farm, in the belief that our relations with each other are a reflection of the way that we care for our community and the land.

Interns work a rigorous five to six day work week in exchange for produce and an educational experience. Although the work schedule is flexible, the work itself is undeniably challenging. Daloz CSA is willing to work with you to get academic credit for your internship. In addition to learning organic food production through hands-on experience in four acre market garden, interns also go on field trips to other farms and participate in weekly meetings focusing on specific elements of farming and tasks for the week ahead. Rustic housing options are available onsite at the farm. Cooking and cleaning responsibilities are shared by all residential members of the farm crew. We also offer a stipend for interns that commit to the farm for the eight month growing season – March or April 1 through November 1. Shorter term interns are welcome to apply but not eligible for stipend.

Previous farming experience is useful but not necessary. Willingness to commit to the entire growing season, interest in Permaculture, ecological design and creating a sustainable future highly valued. Interns are expected to engage in physical labor on a daily basis.

To apply, visit our website at or call Abby at 603.831.1972.