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Apprenticeship Opportunities At Heaven & Earth Farm - Nevada County, CA

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Apprenticeship Opportunities At Heaven & Earth Farm - Nevada County, CA

Amigo Bob Cantisano and Seth Rosmarin
No. San Juan, Nevada County, California

March through November 2008

Educational opportunities: Organic Plant Propagation, Nursery Work, Greenhouse Production, Vegetable, Flower and Herb Market Gardening, Berry and Grape Production, Orcharding, Direct Marketing, Composting, Seed Production, Heritage Plant Exploration and Propagation, Homesteading Skills, Small Equipment Management, Ornamental Management, Community Living, Vegetarian and Vegan Food Preparation (and consumption!), Food Preserving Skills such as drying, juicing, fermentation, baking, canning, freezing. Check the Internet on Amigo Bob Cantisano to learn more about us.

We live and grow on a gorgeous 11 acres on the San Juan Ridge, between the Middle and South Forks of the Yuba River at 2500' in the northern Sierra Nevada, 30 minutes from Nevada City and Grass Valley. Our farm is a mixture of productive fields, orchards, pines, oaks, madrone, cedar and fir forest, with a seasonal creek and four distinct seasons. We live and participate in an interesting, diverse community with a very active rural cultural scene.

We offer a supportive environment for growth, community living, education and fun. We grow a wide variety of vegetables, fruits, berries, flowers, herbs, seedlings, ornamentals, chickens and bees, using mostly hand methods and limited machinery. We market to farmers markets, wholesale to stores and restaurants, and at select events. You will learn a lot and have a good time living and working on a diverse organic farm.

You will get housing and board, continuing education and a small stipend. Apprentices work 40 hours per week in exchange for excellent organic food, housing (trailer or tent) and $50 per week stipend. Hours above 40 are reimbursed at $8.00 per hour starting salary. There is opportunity to earn a generous bonus at season's end.

What we need from you: A strong interest in agriculture and homesteading, love of nature, good work ethic, great attitude, flexibility, community cooperation, a good sense of humor, and open and ongoing communication. We need your commitment for the entire growing season, March through November. Sorry we are not able to accommodate short-term apprentices.

Amigo Cantisano
Heaven and Earth Farm
P.O. Box 942
No. San Juan CA 95960
530-292-3619 (O)
530-292-3688 (F)